Redwood City Chiropractor | What Is Chiropractic?

In this Video, Redwood City Chiropractor Dr. Paul R. Piccione puts in plain words Chiropractic treatment in a no-nonsense, easy to grasp format. Doctors of chiropractic comprise the third largest health care career in the US, and has been helping people over the last a hundred years. Millions have had the benefits of this natural health treatment therapy methodology, discovering higher well being, aid of spine ache, complications, and the like.

The basic foundation of Chiropractic is this: A zone of your respective backbone not shifting accurately will irritate the regional tissue surrounding it. That tissue is contains nerves, muscles, and ligaments, usually causing ache, muscle numbness, tingling or spasm, and chokes over the nerve supply. Whever these nerves journey to simply won’t work as well, and since evey single function in your body is managed through nervous system, you wish to ensure they are performing as well as they can.

Chiropractic’s security has been confirmed via painstaking scientific research, and considered one of many most secure health treatment strategies in existence. In truth, the malpractice insurance costs for Chiropractors would be the envy of most other health treatment profession. The inexpensive rates replicate the insurance companies’ information that Chiropractic treatment is amazingly safe.

To see if Chiropractic treatment will benefit you, phone Dr. Piccione at the Woodside Wellness Center in Redwood City. They may be reached at (650) 367-1948 or at

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