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Hi|Hello|Hi there|Hey there|Hey|Greetings|Hello there}! This is Dr. Paul Piccione, and I ‘d such as to thank you for your interest in learning if Chiropractic Care is for you.

Over the next a number of emails and videos, it’s my goal to offer you the details you have to make an enlightened decision. In spite of being the 3rd largest health care profession in the United States, there is still a bunch of misunderstanding about Chiropractic.

The majority of individuals seek the services of a chiropractic specialist since they are searching for a drug-free, natural methods of treating their back discomfort, neck discomfort, sciatica, disc herniations, or headaches. As they should, since Chiropractic is extremely efficient in these scenarios.

Quite simply, what we know is this: when an area of your spine is stagnating appropriately, it triggers an irritability of the structures around it. This consists of the joint surface areas, the surrounding muscles, and the nerve cells that exits the spine between every one of your foundations.

Depending upon the extent of the inflammation, you could feel discomfort, tingling, tingling,.
or a burning sensation, and those signs can either be felt just around the location, or can radiate down into the arms or legs.

Exactly what we Chiropractic specialists do is to discover those locations that are not moving correctly, and bring back the correct motion to those locations. That’s it! No Magic, no voodoo, just safe, natural therapy of spine troubles.

The method we get correct motion back into those joints is through the Chiropractic modification, which I will go over in another video.

Statistics reveal chiropractic care to be among the most safe techniques of therapy for spine conditions, in addition to being extremely efficient.

A really big study by the United States government’s Company For health Care and Policy Research determined that for reduced back discomfort, spine modifications, aspirin, and ice in combination was the only efficient technique of therapy.

Although things like massage, Physical Treatment, Acupuncture, Anabolic steroid injections and so on could be useful in assisting to regulate the discomfort, they do nothing to correct the problem. In our office, we use many of these strategies as an accessory to the therapy, but the Adjustment is what gets the recovery done.

Even in the worst spine conditions, this study discovered that just 1 out of 100 back surgeries carried out in the United States were medically required!

You could be one of those individuals, but the possibilities are you are one of the 99 % that we can assist.
So I motivate you to contact our office today at 650-367-1948, to plan your examination and exam, where we will have the ability to determine what’s causing your problem and whether we can assist you.

Stay tuned for our next video, where I will go over the chiropractic modification, the kinds of modifications we do, and how the modification works.

Till then, I want you excellent health, and have a wonderful day.

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